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Sports predictions for today nigeria best betting tips

Last modified: June 7, 2021

Even experienced betters need an assistance side-wise from time to time. And this assistance may become predictions and forecasts from betting sites and operators.

BestBet is not a gambling site but is an informational provider that has a team of professional cappers. And this team has been making sports predictions for a long period of time. It’s checked and proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

In the article, we are going to tell you how to differentiate reliable predictions from bet-related websites and/or bookmakers, what all the signs in predictions means and how to take guidance from BestBet Nigeria sports forecasts and predictions.

BestBet is not only for Nigerian players but for betters from all over the world

Let’s begin with the tips on how to choose the right handicappers.

How to choose a reliable handicapper

To be completely honest, there are no specified pieces of advice on how to choose the perfect handicapper. Of course, there are lots of ratings and reviews on various betting sites and capper teams online, but you can not be 100% sure they are accurate and not biased.

The only thing you can do for picking the most reliable handicapper is to try several of them and rely on their predictions. Of course, there is a great chance of losing with the first bet on third-party predictions. But some time later, you will be able to determine the most accurate and trustworthy handicapper.

Charts with handicappers’ predictions

And now, let’s continue with the tips on how to differentiate real predictions, choose the forecasts perfect for you and check whether they are a scam or not.

Tips on choosing the right predictions

Typical table with sports predictions

Making a betting prediction yourself is not an easy task, especially for newbies. On the other hand, you cannot trust all the predictions and forecasts you see online either. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the following pieces of advice.

  1. Set more reachable goals and do not rely on yourself only

The truth about wagering on sports is that you cannot win right away even with predictions from other professional players. You may know the team you are going to bet on better than its coach, but you cannot predict all the probabilities. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind it’s almost impossible to beat betting operators and bookmakers right away.

And that’s where predictions from cappers come to the rescue. Usually, cappers provide you with all the possible information on teams and their opponents, possible outcomes and so on. They give you an analytically made, reliable prediction that you are more likely to win with. Winning with handicappers’ forecasts, you may slowly move to huger and long-term aims.

  1. Decide on the maximum budget

Money and bets are the most essential parts of gambling. However, it’s even more important not to spend budget you are not able to afford. The biggest mistake of all amateur betting players is to waste all their bankroll in one day or even on one event. The chances of winning is pretty low this way. Therefore, it’s advised to draw up a budget beforehand.

Decide on what sum of money you ready to spend daily, hebdomadally, monthly or even annually. After that you can begin to choose odds just perfect for you. Handicappers usually provide betters with several possible outcomes to wager on. And all of them are with slightly different odds.

Also, do not forget to decide on sum you are ready to lose. As a rule, betters find the most reliable handicapper only some time later, experiencing both wins and loses. So, be ready to lose sometimes.

  1. Choose kinds of sports and matches rationally

As a rule, there are hundreds of sports events every day. And we have to admit it’s not possible to place a bet on all of them. Therefore, it’s better to wager on sports and teams you are familiar with.

To give an example, if you’re a hockey fan and cheer for GCK Lions, you are likely to win betting on their matches. You can also compare your knowledge on the team to a handicapper’s analysis. If you agree with the betting prediction, you may wager on it with no doubt.

Apart from that, we strongly recommend you to bet just on a few games and not to place multiple bets. You are more likely to win this way.

  1. “Trust everyone, but always cut the cards”

First of all, it means comparing predictions from different handicappers on a regular basis. Some capper teams are just more experienced than others. So, putting them into comparison will allow you to find the most trustworthy website and predictions accordingly.

And secondly, always make sure the value is positive. It means you are likely to win if a match outcome is well predicted and going to happen with an 80% probability at least. Therefore, it’s not really a good idea to rely on handicappers’ predictions only. You have to use your knowledge and experience as well. Then, you’ll be able to make more money from your wagers.

  1. Put into comparison different odds

To find a reliable bookmaker or handicapper, it’s a common sense to compare predictions and odds from different websites. Thus, you are more likely to make money from your bets. Just choose three or four random betting sites and look at their odds. We guarantee they will differ, and sometimes this difference my be really huge. And that’s where you need to study more about teams’ background, performance and recent matches. There again, if you 100% agree with a handicapper’s prediction, bet on it with no fear.

As we have mentioned earlier, BestBet is considered to be a reliable betting site with a professional capper team. So, let’s find out how to use and understand predictions.

Guide to BestBet predictions

The BestBet prediction looks like a small table indicating:

  • the exact time and day of a match;
  • kind of sports;
  • two opponent teams;
  • three possible odds and outcomes.

In the bottom line of the table you will see three possible outcomes with different indications like “x”, “x1” and “x2”. In sports betting, “x” means 0-0 draw (none of the teams is going to win). “X1” stands for the win of a home team, and “x2” is the wager on the win of a guest team accordingly.

Each of these possible outcomes has different odds. As a rule, bets on guests’ win (x2) have the lowest odds. Betting odds are written in the form of decimal fractions.

As you can see, the table has a green spot highlighting one of three possible outcomes with its odds. This is a prediction made by the BestBet capper team.

Green color basically indicates it’s the most accurate prediction among all of the three and you are likely to win betting on it.

BestBet prediction in the green table cell

Sections of sports predictions on BestBet website

In the top of the page, you can see the nearest matches and their possible outcome. They are not divided into separate groups and include all kinds of sports (mainly, football events due to their huge amount and popularity). This section is called “Sports predictions for today Nigeria” to search for it from the home page.

BestBet then-current predictions

Then, this section is followed by separate sub-sections with a particular kind of sports such as Ring, Rugby, Hockey and Football. These sub-sections include not only the nearest matches but also games for the next half a year at least.

Unfortunately, there are just four sub-sections with sports predictions. The website decided to cover only the most popular events.

So, as you can see, BestBet provides players (not only from Nigeria, but from all around the world) with reliable and accurate predictions on the most popular kinds of sports. To make sure yourself and know more, visit BestBet home page and the section “Sports predictions for today Nigeria”.

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