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NairaBET: bookmaker review

Last modified: June 7, 2021

  • The first online bookmaker in Nigeria
  • Online casino and many kinds of virtual Sports
  • Comfortable of payment methods
  • Many bonuses for football bettors
  • Availability of local currency - Nigerian Naira
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Basic information

Year of foundation2009
Deposit methodsVisa, MasterCars, Skrill, Giropay, Neteller, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Euteller, Trustly, Zenith Bank, Bank Transfer, InstaDebit
Withdrawal methodsVisa, MasterCars, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, Qiwi, Moneta
Mobile appNo app
Live betsYes
Minimum bet50 ₦
Maximum winnings40,000,000 ₦

Ratings NairaBET

  • Betting Markets - 7.8/10
  • Odds - 8.6/10
  • Live Betting - 7.6/10
  • Reliability - 7.9/10
  • Payment Methods - 7.8/10
  • Withdrawal Speed - 8.3/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Bonuses / Promotions - 6.7/10
  • Mobile - 7.2/10
  • Website - 7.4/10

Rating global

The rating is compiled based on feedback from visitors, taking into account their winnings, experience of communication with support, and winnings withdrawal. It is also reviewed by our specialists, and that’s why may differ greatly from the rest of the ratings on the Internet.


  • Suitable for football bettors
  • Wide range of betting selections
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Great live betting session
  • User-friendly website
  • Mobile apps
  • Great promotions


  • Available only in Nigeria
  • Only Naira currency
  • No welcome bonus

Bookmaking business in Nigeria appeared not so long ago: some fifteen years ago about it except that it was possible to dream. This state of affairs has changed forever with the introduction in 2009 of the first actual Nigerian bookmaker – NairaBET.

How Does Naira BET Work In Nigeria

To get acquainted with one of the first offices that provide betting services in Nigeria, it is sufficient to read our article. And we start with an introduction to the founder and owner of a large company.

The Legendary Owner

Creator NairaBET known in the country, not only because of the ownership and management bookmaker. He is a philanthropist, a politician and a successful businessman and a true fan. For a long time Oloye Akin Alabi has been a fan of football. This was particularly evidenced by the presence of an entrepreneur season ticket for all matches of the world-famous British club “Manchester United”. But true love is a hero of our local club Shooting Stars Sports Club from the city of Ibadan, which sponsors BC NairaBET.

What are the Rules and Regulation

Given the legal status of the gambling business in Nigeria, it would be strange if the first Nigerian bookmaker did not have the appropriate license. Accordingly, NairaBET received a document from state regulator National Lottery Regulatory Commission and is a member of the Association of Nigerian bookmakers. All company activities are controlled in accordance with the general rules laid down by these organizations.

Review of the Website

A person accustomed to overloaded modern bookmaker sites may get the wrong impression that the administration is not keeping up with the current trends. The Design Resources page looks a bit outdated. In fact, the utmost simplicity of design in blue and white color is due to a desire to do without constant adjustment of what works without interruption. Another advantage of the simplified interface – it’s very fast loading on mobile devices. The very fact that when visiting the address from the phone, a separate version of the page is automatically opened, already suggests that NairaBET has not remained in the last century – the guys are aware that technologies are moving and are doing everything to make it convenient for customers. 

Everything you need for a comfortable game and exploitation site is located at your fingertips. The cap is not overloaded – there are only the most important things, like the tab for sports events in general and separately those that are happening right now, as well as casinos, virtual sports and ongoing promotions. Login button and registration is located on the right, just below the cap. The left block, by tradition, is given to the list of sports – by choosing one of a quarter of a hundred options, the visitor will see the available tournaments and will be able to select the desired match. The central unit has been cast to date information on the proposals, and below is a separate table with the top matches of the next few days and those that go now. The right block is reserved for coupon and paper code verification blocks, but there is also something unusual – you can enter the bet amount and the estimated winning amount so that the system itself finds events suitable for you in terms of odds.

Registration Process on NairaBET

Like any normal bookmaker, NairaBET allows wagering winnings and only those who are fully registered in the system.

Account Opening

To start an account is easy – it is necessary to click on the button “Register” in the upper right hand corner and fill out a minimal profile. You can use e-mail or phone as a binding for registration – the corresponding switch is located at the top of the questionnaire that appears. In both cases, it is necessary to come up with a user name and password, enter your preferred contact and accept the rules of the office with the privacy policy, tick the appropriate mark, and then click “Register”.

Please note that the bookmaker is officially only works on the territory of Nigeria and Nigerians records only – so you can specify only the phone number with the code of Nigeria and no other. In any case it is necessary to specify the real contact information, because they come in the verification code, and you need access to these communication channels in order to control its own account.

Account Activation

Registered account still can not be used for other purposes, while the administration is satisfied that the registrar has access to the communication channels that have. Accordingly, by email or phone will confirm the code that you must enter on the website in a special field. Once this is done, your account will automatically become active.

Process of the Verification

Full verification is necessary that NairaBET understands – you are indeed the person for whom they claim to be, and are entitled to and to spend money from the purses, registered in his name, and display them as winnings. Accordingly, after your account is activated, you need to log in through a bank account or BVN. By selecting your bank from the list and entering your account number, press the “Confirm” button. After that, your real name will automatically load into the system.

How To Fund NairaBET Account In Nigeria

The real gains are impossible without regular replenishment of the game account. Here you can transfer money to the system quickly and easily. Please note that the minimum amount credited to the account is 50 naira. Alternative currencies, taking into account the actual Nigerian origin NairaBET, will not be accepted – or rather, the gaming account can be opened only in naira.

Bank Deposit

Fill up the game account can be by any bank or purse in an electronic payment system from those presented in the impressive list of available options. To do this, choose from the bank that will give you money, and log in to his system. Next you need to specify the amount of deposit and follow the prompts.

Plastic Card

This method is very similar to that described above, except that, unlike replenishment through banking, as the details will act 16 digits on the front side of a plastic card. The principle of replenishment in this case is similar to purchasing something on the Internet, only the amount must be entered independently. Specifying code Visa / Mastercard card, CVV2 and expiration date, you will receive an SMS code on the bank – it can be used to confirm that the transfer was spent.

Authorized Agents

Deposit funds in NairaBET possible and with the help of authorized agents – points, accepting payment and replenishment of producing a user ID or login. This option is gradually becoming less and less popular but still in demand among the older generation, who have not yet mastered modern technology, as well as those who have temporarily no access to gadgets or the Internet.

Local ATM

For gaming account NairaBET you can use the nearest terminal services, which allows to transfer funds from your credit or debit card without using the Internet on your device. Among the available options, select the completion NairaBET account, and then follow the system prompts, entering the number of the account at the bookmaker and transfer amount.

Naira BET Bеtting Oрtiоns

On how to update your account NairaBET, we understand – is to understand how to spend money in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Available Sроrts

With NairaBET even the most inveterate bookmaker is unlikely to be bored, because the administration cares about diligently to current events, the list is never exhaustive. A quarter of hundreds of sports are represented in the right section – where you can find all your favorite “trivial” subjects, such as football, basketball and tennis, and much less hackneyed, such as darts, water polo and cross-country.

Presented, and special rates are not related to the sport – for example, you can bet on the winner of the US presidential election in 2024, the next prime minister of Great Britain, or predict the results of Grammy Music Awards. All you need – to choose the appropriate section in it to find the right tournament and then match – and open-painted with all the betting options and odds.

The NairaBET line can serve as a good option for sporting events, which is always at hand – for this there is a section in the central unit “Bestsellers”. Here come the matches, causing the most active interest bettors right now – we can assume that these games will be of interest to you. If you want to bet immediately, immediately plunging into the atmosphere of indescribable excitement, there is the In Play section even to the right – only those matches are shown there, in which the starting whistle has already sounded!

Virtuаl Gаmеs

These athletes can not play around the clock – they need time to rest, family, exercise, and even time on the flight. However, a bookmaker of the scale of NairaBET cannot let its customers get bored – even in conditions of strict quarantine, you can still bet on games and root for yours by going to the “Virtual Sports” tab. Real teams don’t play here, and the result is hardly predictable, but that’s what sports are interesting for. You will have access to the live event, which will make the game more interesting.

At the time of this writing, it was possible to watch games and bet on them only in the sections devoted to football and basketball, as the most top sports.

How To Bet On NairaBET

Are you accustomed to argue furiously with your friends and colleagues about who will win the next important match? Are you afraid that you may lose valuable man in the intensive skirmish? Do well – put together with NairaBET and get not only a recognition of their own expert opinion, but the real money!

Visit only The Official Website

Open a browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone and type in the address bar Mobile devices will automatically open for you a lightweight version of the page –, but its functionality from it did not fall, just a few elements are displaced to get a more comfortable display in a small display. You should not go to the mirrors offered on the Internet or sites with a similar name. They are scammers.

Select Your Sport

The first step to finding any competition from those that, in principle, represented in painting NairaBET, is the choice of the sports discipline. The desktop version of the site bookmaker is done with the help of the left main page of the block, and in the mobile version will have to touch the Sports tab at the bottom left. In both cases, you’ll see a long list of sports with the number in front of everyone – this is the number of scheduled matches, which allows you to put NairaBET now. Choose football, tennis, basketball, or anything else – and you click to open the selection of countries (or confederations), the matches in which you can bet.

Look For Your Game Of Choice

Consider your actions in a specific example. Having chosen conditional football, you see a list of countries where it is played this week and in the near future, and the most interesting countries for the bettor are brought up for convenience – England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and so on. Clicking on Spain, we see the available tournaments – at the time of writing their review had six La Liga (top division), La Liga 2 (Segunda), Copa del Rey (King’s Cup – the main cup country tournament), women’s Primera and Segunda B (third strength level of the men’s championship). Sixth is Outrights tab – it offers rates more global than one match (who wins the tournaments listed above, or will be in the standings at the end of the season, will be the top scorer and so on).

Since we are now still interested in one particular match, go, say, to the tab La Liga – and see a list of the closest matches. NairaBET, like most bookmakers, do not plan their bets too far ahead of time, however, we see that the next two rounds are available for bettors at once, and odds for winners or a draw (and in the desktop version – also for a double outcome are even shown immediately, opposite the name of the match. By clicking on the fight, you can see a more detailed list.

Place Your Bets

If you want to bet on the outcome or the outcome of the double whose coefficients are delivered in a card, just click directly on the factor – and the bet is added to the code in the right section of the page (in the mobile version – the bottom middle). Instead, you can click on the blue number with a plus sign in the far right side of the card – it shows how much more betting options there are for this fight.

For top championships and matches, the NairaBET line-up will be amazing – you can bet on almost any condition or scenario, if you are not too lazy and search. You can have no idea who will win, but be sure that in each half, each team will score at least one goal, or that one of the teams will be able to win, while conceding the first, or score with a particular football – and put just for this! Through this approach, betting becomes more interesting, and chances to win only grow!

How To Play NairaBET And Win

The desire to experience the excitement is inseparable from the desire to win real money, because it’s time to learn how it proposes to put NairaBET.

Bet Types

The most popular types of bets in the office are certainly odinary and expression. With odinarom everything is clear – when the customer puts on one particular event and one condition (sometimes – with two, but initially combines common factors). Express also offers more excitement and profit.

The essence of the express is to bet on several events at once within one coupon. They may begin at different times and even beyond one day, relate to various tournaments, and even countries that vary by discipline – boxing can easily be combined with golf. The meaning of such a combination for the bettor is that the coefficients are multiplied. Placing only on the outcome of no finer delights, you can express lift coefficient of 8-10, and even higher. But with more opportunities, the risk is also higher: if at least one of the conditions does not come true, you can forget about winning.

About the Odds

Pleasant factors – one of the criteria by which millions of customers NairaBET is considered one of the best bookmakers in Nigeria. The administration has established a loyalty towards customers margins – such that bettors can experience not only moral satisfaction from the fact that the win. Big winnings – a mandatory attribute of man, versed in the sport and playing with NairaBET!

Bеtting Limits

NairaBET Administration does not disclose information about the size of the marginal rates – looks like a bookmaker limits really not. In the right-hand column on the main offering for the customer to choose the winning bid for a certain amount, as the amount bid originally put down only 2 naira – and this is the amount that can easily venture to every Nigerian, not even a gambler. As for the maximum amount, the office can easily accept a million naira.

Live Betting And Streaming

NairaBET pays great attention to ensuring that betting fans can join the game immediately and at any time – especially for this, there is a live section on the site, which is conveniently placed in a separate block on the main page. The visitor can quickly switch between different sports, the current matches are sorted by tournaments to which they belong. The client immediately sees the current account and bets on the outcome, but for some reason the developers of the desktop version did not guess to prescribe what minute of the match is now, although this problem does not exist in the mobile version.

It would be especially interesting to root for their own people if NairaBET offered live broadcasts of at least top matches, but the Nigerian bookmaker does not have the money for such a serious investment. Instead, there is a comparatively informative block on the list page with statistical information on cards, angular and current timing.

How To Withdraw From NairaBET In Nigeria

You can feel the reality of victory only at the moment when the winnings are withdrawn – and NairaBET does everything possible to make everything as simple as possible with this!

Withdrawal Options

In its work, NairaBET focuses primarily on withdrawing funds to bank accounts, which must be verified as assigned to a specific user. Verification is performed automatically upon the first withdrawal of funds and takes about one day (weekends and holidays do not affect this). Given the opportunity to enter almost any details, the variety of withdrawal methods can be considered quite wide.

Withdrawal Process

The procedure for withdrawing money is extremely simple: after logging into your account, you need to go to your personal account and select the withdrawal option. A special field will appear, in which you must enter the account number, and in another field, indicate the amount requested for withdrawal. The withdrawal takes up to one day of time.

Withdrawal Limits

Please note: the body of the deposit is not allowed to be withdrawn by the bookmaker’s rules – it must be placed in its entirety (it can be done several times), while only winnings are available for withdrawal. If you replenished your account, conditionally, with 10 thousand naira, bet a thousand and lost, and then want to withdraw the remaining 9 thousand, the procedure simply will not work.

You can withdraw money no more than once a day, while the minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 Nairas. NairaBET sets a clear maximum withdrawal limit of half a million Nairas.

NairaBET Mobile Site Version

Modern bettors often prefer to bet on the go – what does NairaBET offer them?

Full Version

In addition to the desktop one, a full-fledged mobile site functions – it automatically opens from smartphones, although it can be forcedly opened on a computer. Functionally, such a resource is no different from the “computer” version – from the subjective point of view of the author, it is even more convenient, and at the same time looks more modern. All elements remain close at hand, the options are easy to find, and the display adjusts to the size of the screen, trying to make the most of its limited area.

A well-designed mobile site is especially relevant since NairaBET does not have any standalone mobile applications.

Lite Version

As simple and lightweight as the mobile site NairaBET may seem, it also has an even lighter version, adapted specifically for the needs of owners of extremely weak devices or those who often find themselves in conditions of extremely slow Internet. This version of the resource has practically no visual content – it is almost entirely presented in text format, and the corporate design is conveyed only by the colors of the letters and the background. Somewhere in the remote countryside, only the existence of this variant of the NairaBET site makes bettors feel like they are in the 21st century.

NairaBET Computer Version

The fundamental difference between the desktop version of the site and the mobile versions is that here the maximum information is presented in the open, not hidden in various menus. This is convenient for experienced bettors who have seen many similar sites or have long been accustomed to this specifically. For a beginner, the huge flow of information may even be a little confusing at first, but over time it will pass.

Dеsktор & Mоbilе Bеtting

Despite the fact that the site address is slightly different depending on which version you have opened, the account is used in all cases the same – you log in the same way, using a common username and password. This means that your balance and bet history are the same in all versions. This approach is most convenient for those who value the maximum monitor diagonal in a comfortable home environment, but do not want to give up bets on the go, even in those areas where there is a problem with normal Internet.

NairaBET Casino

In addition to the actual bookmaker direction, NairaBET offers customers another way to tickle their own nerves with gambling sensations – casinos. Thanks to the company, such an option appears for every person who no longer has to look for the nearest gambling establishment – he can risk his own money, even sitting at home, while traveling by public transport or during a break at work. You no longer need a fashionable suit for the security to let you in, because everyone has the right to take risks thanks to NairaBET!

Game Selection

A decent variety of entertainment is achieved due to more than one and a half hundred different games for every taste, and the administration is constantly updating the selection – even after playing all the old toys, you will find that new ones have appeared during this time. The theme is specially selected so that you find something to your liking – there are varieties of virtual sports, there are classic slots in the entourage of antiquity or vampire romance, there are casino classics (roulette, blackjack, etc.) and games with immediate winnings. All of this is reliably protected from outside encroachment by developers – leading companies in the industry that have made a name for themselves on playing money honestly.

Is There A NairaBET App

Unlike most of its competitors, NairaBET doesn’t have any mobile apps. However, it is wrong to think that the administration did not think about the opportunity to play on the go – just for tablets and smartphones, two convenient versions of the mobile site have been developed at once, which with their functionality allow you to completely forget about extraneous applications. The lightweight mobile version is especially useful for those who regularly visit the wilderness with a weak and unstable Internet, but even there do not want to give up their favorite pastime.

Nairabet Bonuses and Promotions

The NairaBET bonus program is intuitive for every bettor – you have dreamed of something like this for a long time, and now you actually get the corresponding opportunity!

First Bet Bonus Promotions

NairaBET gives newcomers from 50 to 10 thousand Naira no deposit bonus, doubling your first bet. The offer is relevant only for online customers, and only for the first bet during a special window, the opening of which is announced separately. You need to bet with the express bet on at least 4 events – so that each coefficient has a minimum of 1.2, and the total for the xpressbet is at least 2.5. NairaBET, regardless of the success of your bet, will credit the bonus account with the same amount, which must be wagered in full within six hours, subject to the same conditions. You cannot withdraw the bonus without a bet, as well as apply other special offers to this bonus.

Goalless Draw Money Back

0-0 is not a score for good football, especially if it’s the English Premier League. This is what NairaBET calculated and decided: if the client made an xpressbet, and there is an unplayed bet on the outcome of the Premier League match that ended 0: 0, then this particular condition is considered invalid, and the xpressbet is considered to have played if everything else comes true! Thus, the client can receive up to 100 thousand naira during the day, even if his forecast did not come true!

Ticket Cut By One Game

NairaBET loves bettors who prefer multi-level express bets – they offer compensation for a bet lost due to one single match. Express must be collected from at least 10 events, each of which has a coefficient of at least 1.2, while you can not guess in only one event. In this scenario, you do not have to claim the full amount of winnings – it is divided by the coefficient of the lost bet and by the total number of events in the express, however, you will still find yourself in a tangible advantage, while other bookmakers would, at best, return the invested amount.

Special Features

Among other things, NairaBET offers its clients several unusual services that are not offered by every bookmaker.

Customer to Customer Transfer

Users can send money to each other within the system. This is very convenient for those who were left without any opportunity to replenish their account on their own, but still want to stay in the game.

Edit Your Bets

With all the diligence of the NairaBET administration, individual bettors with a good imagination are able to come up with such a rate that could not be found in the already presented list. The bookmaker invites betting fans to offer their options for events – the best offers will definitely be taken into account.

Cash Out

NairaBET invites customers to redeem their own bets if they suddenly lose confidence in the positive outcome of the event. Thanks to this, you can correct your own mistake (return the money minus 10% of the commission) or buy out the express, in which most of the positions have already been played, and you doubt the rest and do not want to risk what you already have. You can even pick up a bet in live mode, if the events are still in your favor – and even pick up a bet placed before it even starts during the match.


In order for consumers to better navigate the NairaBET offers and the current situation in sports in relation to profitable betting, the bookmaker started his own blog. From there you can get as much useful information as possible on how to bet and win even more.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Perhaps even an ideal bookmaker should have both advantages and disadvantages. Our goal is to honestly show NairaBET from all sides, therefore we will consider both the pros and cons.

What We Like

According to most criteria, consumers evaluate NairaBET only positively. The following advantages are most often distinguished:

  • excellent coverage of sporting events;
  • attractive and interesting casino;
  • nice odds;
  • the ability to redeem a bet before the end of the draw;
  • convenient segment of live events;
  • the presence of two mobile versions of the site at once, including for the extremely slow Internet;
  • the ability to watch virtual matches and bet on them.
  • Are There Any Downsides

Unfortunately, there are also moments on which the NairaBET administration would still need to work. Fortunately, there are very few of them, and they generally overlap with advantages. However, we cannot fail to mention some of the disadvantages:

  • there are no live broadcasts;
  • there are no mobile applications – however, they are replaced by a good light version of the site;
  • there is no welcome bonus in its usual form – however, instead of it they offer a no deposit bonus for a one-time bet on an express;
  • the bookmaker is only available in Nigeria – this is a big disadvantage for potential clients abroad and those Nigerians who have to travel abroad.
  • Customer Service

Support is important for any bettor, because in the process of using a betting site, various problems may arise. NairaBET operators are available for communication through numerous channels:

  • by short number 0700, and one more – 0700 6247 2238;
  • by email – [email protected];
  • on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter;
  • in the chat window at the bottom of the desktop or mobile pages of the site.

The service is available around the clock and seven days a week. The guys are ready to solve any questions with which you can contact them.

Security And Fairness

Not wanting to get involved in muddy schemes, many bettors want to be sure that the bookmaker they have chosen is not involved in any dubious business and is generally legal. On the territory of Nigeria, NairaBET is represented absolutely legally – it has a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, and the organization is also a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers.

Personal information of clients, their payment details, as well as game and bank accounts are reliably protected by software – fraudsters will never be able to hack the existing security system, especially since it is constantly being improved.

NairaBET deliberately makes the support service available through various communication channels – this is done so that the consumer can in any case reach the responsible people in his request for help. In addition, funds for potential payments of winnings are always reserved by the administration in advance, so that the client will in any case receive his payment if he wins.

In the virtual sports section, the NairaBET administration itself does not regulate the results in any way – they are all generated randomly, no one in the bookmaker’s team can predict them.

Our Verdict About Nairabet

If you live in Nigeria and love betting, you should try NairaBET at least once in your life. We will not argue that from now on you will definitely become an avid fan of this particular subject, but we have to admit that it has managed to reach a level comparable to that of the largest international players. For Nigeria, it is the undisputed leader of the local bookmaker market, whose leading positions are due to a huge number of objective reasons.


The activity is carried out completely legally – for this the bookmaker has a license issued by the state. Another proof of the legality of the office is that it is the official sponsor of the football club and cooperates with local banks on account replenishment and withdrawal of money.

The betting company belongs to its founder – Oloye Akin Alabi. He is a well-known Nigerian politician, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Replenishment of an account can be carried out in any of the available ways, and this is Internet banking, and crediting from a plastic card by bank details or through a terminal, and replenishment through various electronic payment systems, and even a deposit through official representatives of NairaBET.

For the pre match mode, the best way is to select a sport in the left column of the site, then a country, then a tournament, and then a match and a specific victory condition. Live games are specially placed in a separate section in the central block of the main one, it is relatively easy to find them there for the reason that not many matches are played simultaneously at any given time. You can add multiple victory conditions to a coupon at once to increase the overall odds.

To do this, go to the main page of the site and pay attention to the right column. There is a separate paper coupon verification section under the coupon block. Enter the ticket ID in the appropriate field and click the “Check” button.

At the moment when the registration has already been completed, the account is still inactive. To activate it, you need to enter a special code in a special field, which the administration sends by e-mail or SMS, depending on how you registered.

Withdrawals are carried out mainly to bank cards according to the details entered by the bettor himself. Withdrawals are not immediate – it may take up to 24 hours. In addition, at the first attempt to withdraw, the same period is required in order to verify the owner, but there is also good news – the administration is working on this even on weekends and holidays.

For withdrawal, the account must have an amount of at least one thousand nairas. In this case, you can only withdraw winnings, but not the money that you made as a deposit. The no deposit bonus is also non-withdrawable – it can only be wagered.

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    Player reviews about the bookmaker NairaBET: bookmaker review

    Published by 15 June
    I heard about this bookmaker a long time ago - about the time it had just appeared. I was immediately interested, because I love sports and betting, and here it is - a Nigerian operator, a wallet in naira, convenient withdrawal methods for Nigerians. Since then, numerous competitors have appeared on the market, but I personally am not going to change my preferences - everything suits me in the case of a proven bookmaker, which is Nairabet.
    The only thing that is very surprising is that at one time I did not find any welcome bonus, that is, it simply did not exist. But in fact, after all, no one is playing him back, as far as I know.

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