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The list of the best betting tips and strategies on football and other sports for Nigerian betters

Last modified: June 7, 2021

A good better relies not only on his/her intuition and feelings, but also on different strategies and tips. We will list some of them below. Apart from that, on our website we provide users with the best predictions from our capper team. Below you can see some of today’s predictions.

To win on your wager, you have to be capable of performing odds calculations, deciding which wagers are more profitable, and trying to detect the best probabilities. Put it another way, before you can begin to place bets on football (soccer), basketball, and other kinds of sports at any bookmaker site, you should be ready.

To render assistance to you, we make the list of the best football betting strategies and tips both for newbies and “true masters” from Nigeria and all around Africa.

Strategy #1: Double chance bets are more preferable

Probably, the most widespread belief beginners are wrong about is to wager just on one outcome is the best and safest option. To give one example, players bet on which team would be the winner, and they consider such a simple solution provides a more serious possibility of winning. But as the matter stands, with 1×2 bets, you are likely to succeed in increasing both the probability to win and the quantity of your payoffs. Double (1×2) chance refers to betting coevally on two different results that might occur during a match. For instance, you can wager on the following outcomes for Team A: it would both become the winner of the match and shoot a certain amount of corner-kicks. Betting on two results maximizes the possibility of winning. Thus, chances are trice higher. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to make accurate predictions in this type of bet. For that purpose, you have to increase the amount of bets to gain profit.

Interesting fact: in horse racing, double chance bets are called “exacta”. But as differentiated from bets on soccer and football, it refers to wagering on both a champion horse and the second place one.

Strategy #2: The smaller, the better

There again, one of the missteps all the newbies (not only from Nigeria, but all over the world) do is wasting all their stake for just one bet. To give an example, if betters have a balance of 100 dollars, they place it all at once. But putting all your financial resources on one wager is not the best decision (for betting on football at least). To put it more bluntly, the more bets you place, the more risks are shared. In the case with a one-hundred-dollar budget, it would be much better to place 10 or even 100 different wagers, each worth 10$ or 1$ respectively. Thus, it is very likely that at least a third of your bets is winnable and you can get a part of your bankroll back.

Strategy #3: Research is a must-to-do action

Even experienced players prefer to rely on a preliminary research when it comes to sports betting. In fact, the best decision is to see betting as a business. It is impracticable to gain a profit by sticking with your emotions. A successful business demands previous planning and observation. Otherwise speaking, you have to be well-informed about the teams you would like to wager on as much as possible (as if you were their coach). Learn about the past performance of each team, make notes and statistical profiles, then see what their most successful and ineffectual moments were. It may be the presence (or vice versa – absence) of a certain sportsman that is the key for the entire performance of the team. Some teams might also be prone to lose performing results at the end of the season. Such information can only be collected owing to detailed investigations, and all of them increase your chances to make an accurate prediction.

Strategy #4: Always keep records

You should be able to review not only teams, leagues and champions but also your own results. Keep the list of all your wagers, wins and losses. Notice what is wrong and right about your actions by analyzing these notes every 30-60 days. If you have not gained any profit, you might be applying the wrong strategies/tips, or perhaps you need to try another kind of bet. Betting players usually make much of a fuss of a small winning and always believe they are drawing a profit. Still, by making particularized notes, you can see what the actual state of your bankroll is and change the tips you use where appropriate. Just review your own performing once in a while.

Strategy #5: Rome was not built in a day

Do not expect to win just right away with one single bet. And do not be about to get rich. The next tips show you once again why you have to consider betting (on football, basketball, blackjack or whatever) as a real business.

When you get employed, you don’t think about becoming wealthy in a couple of weeks, right? The same thing works for gambling. You might need to practice for weeks or even months until you gain a real profit. You have to arm yourself with patience, not stick with your emotions, and keep wagering without ruffle or excitement. Set sights on small but free from risk bets rather than high ones. Consider this as your additional income. Do not try to become a money-bag. The more realistic your aims are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Strategy #6: Use prediction sites and apps

Nowadays, there are lots of special sites and applications for making betting predictions and sports forecast. Most of them are free to use/download and promise good results. But the question is how to choose the most accurate and reliable one. Below, we create the list of things you should look for.

Statistical analysis

One of the signs of a reliable and quality delivering website is their statistical analysis data. The prediction site or app should be able to tell you about the past performance and/or matches between two teams in clear. Every single peace of information about the teams should be placed under careful examination before predictions are made. Correct statistical data processing should be done to guarantee a safer bet for the players because this is the key for gaining profits.

The site offers value bets

To put it simply, value bets are wagers where the chance of winning is greater than bookmakers’ odds imply.  Usually, they are generated in a speedy way and compare odds from all main betting operators with the probabilistic prediction on the website you are using. Such bets are quite dynamic and may change some time later because bookmakers fix their odds on a regular basis. At long last, giving preference to value bets, you will have an advantage over the bookmaker. So, it is a good sign if the website/application provide you with value betting.

Links to all main bookmakers’ live streaming

One of the things that maximize your probability of making a real profit is wagering on when matches are ongoing. A good prediction site/application would have live score updated information and in-game statistical data that would allow you to use golden opportunities that occur during a live match. Links to bookmakers’ websites allow you to entry live betting sections and place your bet as soon as possible.

Smaller leagues exploration

For users’ profit peak achievement, a reliable prediction website have to pay attention to smaller leagues as well. Thus, betting players can get good chance wagers on big and minor leagues. It is also a good sign if there are tips on both leagues. It would allow users to become an experienced and skilled betters.

“.com” domain is a must-have

Dot-com domain is another important characteristic of a genuine prediction website. This means it is legit, provides users with accurate predictions and many betters rely on it. You can trust such a website.

The presence of a blog about sports betting

As a rule, good prediction applications and websites provide their users with various articles, tips and strategies. In other words, they have their own blog with all the information you may want to know and use for successful betting.

Be wise with your betting strategies and good luck!

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